Functional Health Coaching with Jennifer Blau

Functional Health Coaching is all about help. Help with accountability, help with tackling new habits, and help when you falter and veer off course. If you’ve ever wanted someone to guide you as you navigate through your health journey, then you need a health coach!

Ok, so you have decided to take your health and your wellbeing more seriously. You are fed up with your old unhealthy habits, you are stuck and don’t know where else to turn, and you’re ready for a change.

But you’re scared. You are frightened. What if I fail at this just like I did the last time I tried the latest health trend (insert any crazy, or even not so crazy healthy diet)? What if I am doomed to deal with (insert your main health complaint) for the rest of my life because no one can figure this out. Well, you don’t have to do it alone, and you do have someone who has been there and can help, not through guesswork, but through health detective work.

Jennifer Blau

Schedule your Educational Session

In order to schedule your Discovery Session, you will need to sign and return via fax or email the disclaimer and consent form. Click the button to download the form

If you would like to set up a Discovery Call to see if Functional Health Coaching is right for you, please click here and choose between these packages for Health Coaching: Three Month Intensive Program; 4 Week QuickStart Program and 4 Weeks to a jumpstart your health and wellness.

Food Elimination Diet Program

6 week guided elimination diet by Dietitian and Functional Health Coach. If you’re suffering from common inflammatory symptoms such as skin problems (Acne, eczema, psoriasis), GI issues, joint pain, fatigue, brain fog, headaches among many others you may benefit from this program. As the gold standard, if done correctly, an elimination diet is a great way to identify food sensitivities without doing in-depth testing which can become expensive.

Who this program is for: those who suspect certain foods may be linked to their symptoms but aren’t sure what the correct steps to take are. Who it’s not for: anyone with severe chronic illness who may benefit from additional testing.


Learn More About Functional Health Coaching

Do you ever think how much you would love to have someone walk by your side as you navigate your way in your health journey? Do you just know you are the type of person who needs some hand-holding and accountability when it comes to making changes, particularly when it comes to lifestyle and habit changes?

Who is Health Coaching For?

Health Coaching is for those who REALLY want to make healthy changes and REALLY want to make it stick. Some of the benefits of health coaching include:
  • Help you Set SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals.
  • Retrain the way you Think: Health coaches help clients establish positive self-talk, by identifying and correcting negative, erroneous, unproductive beliefs.
  • Overcome Barriers: A health coach can help you overcome internal and external barriers that are preventing you from achieving good health. Not enough time, too much on your plate, not enough resources, these are all barriers that a person may face, barriers which a health coach will help you with and help you work around.
  • Take Ownership: A health coach will empower you to take ownership of your experience and create positive, lasting lifestyle changes that will enhance your life and your journey toward health and wellness.

Functional Health Coaching differs from traditional health coaching in that:

  • I utilize a number of personal health questionnaires to assess where you are currently in terms of your health.
  • Based on your main complaints, your symptoms, and a detailed background of your health history, I recommend and come up with an individual protocol that is tailored to YOU.
  • We will review the protocol and work through it TOGETHER. We will work on Diet, Rest, Exercize, Stress Reduction, and Supplements, the foundation of my work as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner.

I have been there too! I have struggled with hormonal problems, lack of libido, thyroid issues, weight loss resistance, and intense fatigue. And guess what – I have worked with, and helped, clients, struggling with these same issues. I am here to help you, and that’s why you found me. Let’s get started!

Patient Downloads

Below are currently available downloads from Vibrant Nourished Life for both current and new patients. These are updated on a regularly basis.

Make a Functional Health Coaching Inquiry

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Questions & Answers

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions in relation to Functional Health Coaching. If you have a question that is not answered below. Simply complete the form at the bottom of this page.
How are Sessions Conducted ?

The consultation will occur on the Zoom Video Conference platform, so you will need to have the Zoom App loaded on your device (Computer, Tablet or Smartphone). If you are more comfortable with phone consultations please add that in the Comments section when booking your session with Jennifer.

How do I prepare for my first session ?

Make sure you download the Acknowledgement of Health and Wellness exchange form, click here. In working with Jennifer you will also need to download the above forms for her to review with you at your first session.

How long does each session last ?

Each session lasts 50 minutes.

What is My Investment?

Working with Jennifer can be done as a single session, or you can purchase a package of 4 sessions. The cost of a single session is $ 100, and a package of 4 sessions is $ 395.

What can I expect out of each session ?

Working with Jennifer means health goal setting, and creating and implementing a plan to achieve those goals. Planning includes a holistic perspective of addressing everything from diet, rest, exercize, stress reduction, and supplements.

How does functional health coaching differ from standard health coaching?

As a trained FDN, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Jennifer is trained to look and the body and mind holistically. A deep health history is integral to functional health coaching, as well as an investigating and addressing the five pillars of health: Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction, and Supplements (the foundation of the FDN coursework).

As a trained FDN, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Jennifer is trained to look and the body and mind holistically. A deep health history is integral to functional health coaching, as well as investigating and addressing the five pillars of health: Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction, and Supplements (the foundation of her FDN coursework).

In addition, functional health coaching means always looking upstream for the root cause of symptoms. As an example, the headache does not mean you have a deficiency of Tylenol or aspirin, it means your body is telling you something is off, and you need to address it. Searching upstream means a person’s health history, as well as addressing stress in one’s life, are critical. It also means that working together with a client, and teaching them and educating them on their health such that they feel empowered to take control of their health themselves alongside me as their guide.

Online Programs

You will learn from our inspiring leaders, you’ll connect with an amazing, supportive community; and you’ll experience a remarkable personal transformation – all through a convenient online platform that makes learning on-the-go possible for anyone.

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